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Watch Out for the Bird Crap!

OK, so like the cable-Internet company came over on Friday. Nice enough chap, the service technician was, very helpful for what he could do, checking the signal in the line to the modem and back, looking at the cable outside … Continue reading

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Mike Q. Public’s Rage Against the Machine

As your typical, everyday consumer, I’m forced to be my own advocate for attempting to remedy corporate idiosyncrasies and lackadaisical services; and it seems like a regular function for me nowadays. The previous entry in this often-times long-winded journal mentioned … Continue reading

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Internet Junkie

Last month I wrote about rebates (click here for details), specifically one from my air-card carrier, and sending the filled-out rebate form back in to make fifty bucks. The rewards card arrived in the mail, and the entry in this … Continue reading

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Never had I sent back any manufactures’ rebates ever—another overused word in today’s spoken and written language, as in “best ever, most fun ever; ever and ever, amen; etc.” Merriam Webster should accept combining “ever” with other words to make … Continue reading

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