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Last month I wrote about rebates (click here for details), specifically one from my air-card carrier, and sending the filled-out rebate form back in to make fifty bucks. The rewards card arrived in the mail, and the entry in this blog, written about wondering how I was going to spend it, got deleted accidentally and sent to never-never land. Regardless, I used the money to buy a 64GB memory card for my camera from Amazon. More about that later.

The new air-card has been put to good use during the past four days spent without cable or Internet due to the ice storm at the beginning of this past week. The cable-utility conglomerate has been promising to fix the outage daily, to be completed by 1 AM on the following morning for three days now. One o’clock rolled around on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings with no service still available; and another 1 AM curtailment to the problem was prognosticated for Sunday at the same time as previously purported; however, I wouldn’t place any money on that. I should tell them the check for this month’s service will arrive at 1 AM on the 25th, the date the payment is due, minus the charges for how many days of outage/outrage I’ve been suffering.

Because of this television-viewing debacle or lack thereof, I missed Leno’s final show, the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, and the many splendid events I would have otherwise watched from home. Had this interruption of service occurred last weekend ahead of the Superbowl, a unanimous upheaval similar to that of the American Revolution would have taken place in Downtown Philadelphia around the headquarters of this infamous cable provider, to have their license yanked—which incidentally is up for renewal to serve the City of Brotherly Love and her suburbs. If it weren’t for the air-card, I would have been further inconvenienced by the lack of Internet provided by the cable ISP, save for my smartphone; all of which are pictured above along with my laptop: a further testament to my thorough addiction to the Inter-Webs.

Fortunately the power didn’t go off for me like it had for many folks around the area, some of whom are still without electricity, making my dilemma seem insignificant to theirs. I’ve been squawking about this on Twitter and tweeting back and forth with a customer-service individual from the cable company’s Philly account. The representative keeps copying the “Big Guy” of their group in our correspondences to look into my situation. The official who claims “to care” has yet to respond with even an apology for my tribulation. I bet his cable/Internet service is on, unless he lives in my neighborhood; but I certainly doubt it. Surely there’s nothing he can do about it anyway.

About my 64GB memory card ordered from Amazon and slated to be delivered today—according to USPS’s tracking service—I didn’t receive it. The notation on the Postal Service’s Web site stated delivery was attempted this evening and a notice was left at my address. That’s plain BS, since I was home all day and heard when the postman arrived, putting mail in my box. No ring of my door bell, or notification slip was left with all the junk mail he placed inside either. There’s always something! Can’t even trust the Post Office anymore than I can’t trust big business like my cable provider, who both keep raising the price of their product regularly and not improving their service. I was able to make a redelivery request via the Internet to have the parcel arrive on Monday. How did we ever live without the Net?

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  1. In all fairness to the cable-Internet provider, both TV and modem are back up and flowing, having just come on ironically after I posted this tirade. Nice to have them back

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