Gimme Three Steps

Rushland, PA, Adult Female Bald Eagle

It’s now week seven of this crazy state of isolation and social-distancing, and the bald-eagle population is thriving in my neck of the woods. All the nesting pairs I keep tabs on have spawned young this time around. I plan on making another corny YouTube video soon with their statuses.

Saturday I ventured a little farther away than the 15 minutes of travel that officials have suggested to be one’s boundary during this lockdown in Pa. Incidentally, the “Stay at Home” orders have been extended until May 8th, for which I’m betting they’ll be stretched out even longer. The COVID-19 curve hasn’t flattened completely yet, although its spread appears to have begun slowing down in these parts.

My excuse for traveling up to Langhorne, which is about 1/2-hour away from my home, was to buy some fresh produce at a farm market. Snacks ended up in my grocery basket as well, something that’s really a bad idea considering my weight-loss program is 10 pounds short of the goal. Not being as active lately, due to my staying at home mostly, has made it difficult not to gain any excess poundage, kilograms, or stones, depending on where in the world you may live.

While up in the area, I swung by the Rushland bald eagle’s nest and was pleasantly surprised to find that two eaglets had hatched that I wasn’t aware of. In fact, I thought the bird was mateless, not having seen any young, nesting or mating behavior prior to yesterday’s visit:

One of Two Rushland Eaglets
Both Eaglets

After taking over 250 photos, I headed to Lake Luxembourg for seeing how the nesting pair there were doing. Lucy was perched above the nest upon my arrival, joined by Louie before I left. The following is a family portrait taken from Woodbourne Rd, about a 1/4-mile away. Two eaglets are in the nest:

Lucy on the Left, Louie at top, two eaglets in the nest. Click on the photo for a full-size view.

Cloth masks have become part of my wardrobe, taking one along with me whenever I leave my apartment, like stuffing a handkerchief in a breast pocket. All convenience stores, supermarkets and essential businesses that are open have signs now on the entrances, stating the PA Department of Health requires masks to be worn inside the buildings.

It breaks my heart to see everyone wearing protective covering over their noses and mouths, making me feel like this is the apocalypse while looking before leaving the establishments that zombies aren’t waiting outside to devour me. Can’t even see people smiling anymore; although, there’s not much to smile about nowadays.

Pennsylvania Governor Wolf remains cautious about reopening the state for general commerce and gatherings, but is planning to do so in three steps, starting on May 8th with the northwest and north-central parts of the commonwealth, going from the heavy restrictions presently in place, to a less-restrictive state where stay-at-home orders will be rescinded in favor of aggressive mitigation (sounds wonderful, eh?); in-store retail outlets will reopen. Bars, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms and spas, casinos, etc. will remain closed, except for carryout and deliveries in the case of the first two on the list. Large gatherings of over 25 persons will be prohibited.

The third and last step for reopening the state’s economy will create a so-called “New Normal,” under which all businesses must follow CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines; Aggressive-mitigation orders will be lifted; All individuals will have to follow CDC and PA Dept. of Health guidelines, and public-health indicators will be monitored to adjust orders and restrictions if necessary. Face mask may still be required in public spaces.

The governor didn’t express any specific timetable or dates for all of this, but maintained his plan would start as COVID-19 cases stabilize, and a region or county will need to average fewer than 50 new positive cases of the virus per 100,000 residents for 14 days in order to begin moving out from under his statewide lockdown.

He also mentioned that the southeastern part of the state, where Philadelphia and Bucks County are located, will most likely be the last section to have restrictions eased.

Thanks so much for all the fish. When’s the next spaceship to Mars scheduled to leave? I’d like to buy a ticket.

By the way, I forgot to include Rie Waits’ and my latest duet in last week’s entry, as promised during the preceding week’s tirade. I’m sure you were devastated from not finding it. So, to make amends, please accept my apology for not doing so, and allow me to share it now:

Having mentioned Governor Wolf’s three-step program for reopening Pennsylvania’s economy with the dropping of social-distancing and aggressive mitigation reminded me of the following tune:

Still I wonder why those who upload videos to YouTube always cut off the endings. That annoys me to no end.

Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support.

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  1. Jack says:

    Mike you have the patience of a Saint to be able to watch your flying friends for periods on end and your description is wonderful. Thank You

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