Baby It’s Cold Outside!

An arctic blast has taken over the area, dropping the overnight temperature this morning to the low 20s F/~-6° C. Highs today were in the mid-40s F/7° C, rather cold for this time in November. Those readings are typical of December into January around here.

Maybe a bit of snow will fall on this coming Tuesday in the Philadelphia region, as the temps will be hovering around freezing. Pulled out the long johns, thermal tops and big coat from the black-hole closet, all of which I’ve been wearing the past couple of days, keeping toasty at the lake today, bird-watching, taking photos and meeting up with my friend Dawn.

Lake Luxembourg Bald Eagles

Was rewarded with seeing Lake Luxembourg‘s resident nesting pair of bald eagles, who have been missing in action during my previous, several visits. Their nest had blown away during one of the late-summer thunderstorms, which they’ve begun to rebuild. It was nice to see them around again. Mating season is coming up soon.

An early, spectacular sunset (as seen at the top of this entry) and stellar moonrise capped off this afternoon, as Eastern Standard Time makes the day an hour shorter, making me pine for spring already.

All the brouhaha leading up to Election Day is behind us, at least until next year’s presidential election. I’m certainly not looking forward to all that forthcoming hot air. At least the junk snail mail is almost manageable now.

Requisite 2019 “I Voted” Selfie

Before I retired, every year on the day after Election Day, my boss would always ask if the final voting results were favorable for me and had gone my way. What a sneaky ploy to find out who I voted for. If I was happy, then that would have told him I voted for the winners, and vice versa. My reply was that I was happy the elections were over!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to place one’s name on a do-not-mail list, like we can do for a telephone number onto the do-not-call list? Just think of all the trees saved and one’s carbon footprint that can be made smaller as a result.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, the start of another holiday season. Bah, humbug! Christmas decorations are prematurely evident in places around town. I heard holiday music in a department store the other day, which made me turn around and exit immediately. Just call me Scrooge, OK? Sorry, not sorry.

One of my pet peeves is for the start of the holidays to begin before they’re supposed to. For me that means on Black Friday. Then the stores can go for it! Don’t play any Christmas music until then either. I’ll never shop at that store again.

Guaranteed, I’ll be hearing Yuletide tunes firstly at the Wharf’s PA system in Bristol, PA, where I go to check on the Burlington Island Bald Eagles and Smartphone Zombies. The borough starts blaring their holiday music several days before Thanksgiving.

For the past two years, my first Christmas tune for the season was heard there. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” was last year’s. The year before that was Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.” This year I’m really hoping it won’t be “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.” Actually, I’d be happy if I never heard that song again.

Well, that wraps up another tirade. Thanks for stopping by, and for your continued support.

A funky, pre-Yuletide Tune to fit the present weather conditions, featuring Rie Waits

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