Child of the Moon

Full Flower Moon Over Delanco, NJ, and the Delaware River

The bad guys can’t get away with much these days, especially from all the people using smartphone cameras to video-capture everything and placing the events on Social Media in hopes of having their clips go viral on the Internet.

The problem with that is when a person is being assaulted, bullied, belittled, pushed around, etc., and nobody steps in to help the victim; but the bystanders are filming the atrocity instead.

OK, granted, it’s serves a good purpose as far as providing evidence to prove injustice, assault and battery, robbery, rape, racial prejudice, what have you.

My biggest gripe, however, is if someone is going to record a scene, at least keep the camera pointed on the action, not aim the lens to the ground when the most dramatic parts ensue.

The following clip is an example:

After watching that, I really would have liked to see if Arnold Schwarzenegger was all right, and what happened afterward. Fortunately, someone happened to capture the entire absurdity from another angle, putting an end to my quandary:

Turned out Arnold walked away unharmed. He’s still in good shape for being 71 years old. Hope I can say the same about myself at that point. Same goes for Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, both 75; although, the Stones’ front man recently had heart surgery and has bounced back good as ever:

Long Live the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones postponed their American leg of the No Filter Tour, back in April of this year, due to Mick’s health; but they’ve confirmed the start of their North American stadium extravaganza will begin on June 21st at Soldier Field in Chicago.

Was out taking photos earlier today of May’s Full Flower Moon on the rise over the Delaware River, as seen in the lead-in photo to this week’s tirade. Recent research by scientists at the Smithsonian Institution, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, and three other groups re-examined data from seismometers deployed on the lunar surface during the Apollo missions of the 1960s and ’70s.

The consensus of the new study maintains the moon is shrinking “like a raisin,” and seismic activity may be occurring on its surface. This has doomsayers proclaiming scientists are catching onto biblical prophecy of the Apocalypse, which asserts:

There shall be signs in the Sun and the Moon and the stars.

On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.

People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

Personally, I don’t think we have to worry. The moon has only shrunken 150 feet (50 meters) since it began to shrink over a few hundred million years ago, according to the scientists. No change in size is evident from the 1,089 photos—and counting—that I’ve taken of Earth’s satellite, all of which can be found by clicking here.

So wraps up another weekly payment to the gods of the blogosphere. Thanks for stopping in for a visit, and for your continued support.

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As an early retiree with an honorary doctorate degree from the proverbial "School of Hard Knocks," this upcoming author with a lot of free time on his hands utilizes his expansive repertoire for humorous yet tragic, wildly creative writing that contains years of imaginative fantasy, pure nonsense, classic slapstick, extreme happiness and searing heartbreak; gathered by a wealth of personal experiences throughout his thrilling—sometimes mundane or unusually horrid—free-spirited, rock-'n'-roller-coaster ride around our beloved Planet Earth. Mike Slickster's illustrious quest continues, living now in Act Three of his present incarnation, quite a bit on the cutting edge of profundity and philosophical merriment as seen through his colorful characters, most notably evident in the amusing Thirty Days Across the Big Pond series, all of which can be found at
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