Autumn’s Bliss Forever Fading


Amico Island, Delran, NJ – November 7, 2018

Autumn was brilliant this year. Fall’s hues peaked in the Philadelphia area last weekend. Heavy rain toward the end of the week washed away the leaves and their colors like a cupful of chlorine bleach placed in the laundry. The winds took down the majority of the foliage except for a sparse and hardy few.

Today was more exemplary of this time of year than it’s been, with temperatures hovering in the upper 40s F/9.4 C. Overnight tonight, we’re to experience our first freeze, ending the growing season for another year.

Snow fell the other day in Austin, Pa., which is northwest of Williamsport, not far from the New York State border. The PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) posted a photo on Twitter, showing snowfall at Sinnemahoning State Park, and asked who was ready for winter?


Courtesy of PA’s DCNR

The above shot is not the picture mentioned, but one from December 2016 that’s pretty cool. The following is the one they posted:


Sinnemahoning State Park in Austin, PA – November 9, 2018 – Courtesy of PA’s DCNR

As far as winter on its way, considering the brutally hot summer we had this year, bring it on! Never though I’d feel that way. Winter is my least favorite season, but I’ve amended my outlook; however, ask me about it again in late-January or February forthcoming.


Satellite Imagery Courtesy of Google Earth

Was traipsing around Amico Island in Delran, NJ, on Wednesday. It’s no longer an island, but a peninsula. A land bridge now joins the landmass with the mainland.

The Delaware River Sand Dredging Company of Bordentown, NJ, purchased farmland during the 1930s that once occupied the space where Dredge Harbor now sits, creating the basin so appropriately named after the past activity therein. Back in the 1950s, Amico Sand & Gravel Company bought out the mining operations and continued its work, producing the island as a result from what was left of the original terrain.

Amico Island was bequeathed to Duke University by Merrill Ambler, Jr., whose father was the proprietor of Amico Sand & Gravel Company. Burlington County, NJ, acquired the site and has since turned it into part of their parks’ system and a wonderful wildlife reserve.


Broad-winged Hawk

Only one bird flew by earlier this week, a broad-winged hawk, much to this bird-watcher’s dismay; yet, I was treated to some rather tame deer who offered a myriad of nice photo opportunities and examples of the autumn scenery prevalent:


Buck and Doe at Amico Island on the West Side. The Delaware River is in the Background.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Spotted the following on the way off the island. Having been doing some soul-searching as of late, I wondered if it was a sign behind a sign:


Rosary beads, hanging from a sign post.

Finally, I couldn’t visit Amico Island without taking photos of the Philadelphia skyline and the Delaware River from its western tip. Usually the sun is blazing in front of me, which casts a glaring haze upon the picture. It was a cloudy day, making the shot more distinctive:


Philadelphia Skyline from Amico Island, NJ – November 7, 2018


Here’s a photo of the blue-heron rookery on a small island in the middle of Dredge Harbor. Notice all the nests at the treetops, upon which the birds reside in groups. None were there presently. Mating season occurs around February.


Blue Heron Rookery in Dredge Harbor

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