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Sean Spicer is in the news lately for hitting the talk-show circuit to promote his new book, The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President, scheduled to be released on July 24th.

About the former press secretary and communications director for the White House, Spicer’s tome is sure to be interesting reading, in this weekly blogster’s humble opinion. He is certainly a colorful character.

From the Internet memes, showing the press secretary’s hiding behind the bushes while avoiding the questioning media, to Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live, portraying Spicer’s various predicaments during his tenure in Washington, D.C., I had many a chuckle at his expense.


Courtesy of Graham Gremore


Courtesy of NY Daily News

From the first time I saw Mr. Spicer, Dilbert came to mind. Is it just me, or is there an uncanny resemblance?


Best of luck goes out to the illustrious author on the success of his latest book.

What’s the Frequency, Donald?

Elsewhere in the news, a man from Ohio was locked up in Florida after reportedly flying there with intentions of driving to Mar-a-Lago, walking onto the property and smoking a joint with President Trump.

The local sheriff’s office arrested T. John Macaroni (not his real name) at the Palm Springs International Airport after being flagged by the U.S. Secret Service for alleged comments made by the perpetrator about the President.

Macaroni told police his purpose was to speak to Trump about “the static and frequency feedback that I constantly hear emanating from my basement and from fans and in my head.”

A local TV station claims the arrest report said Macaroni admitted to purchasing his plane ticket “after finding a credit card and thought it was a gift from God.”

The Ohio man was charged ultimately for drug possession after officials found a white substance in his bag that turned out to be methamphetamine. Macaroni told the deputies it was “self-prescribed Adderall,” which is used as a treatment for his depression.

Another local news outfit reported the prisoner was found to meet the criteria for “Florida’s Baker Act,” by which he can be committed involuntarily for a mental health assessment.” His last known whereabouts was in the Main Detention Center of Palm Beach County.

My thoughts about the matter are, why didn’t the authorities find any marijuana on Macaroni? His plan was to get high with the President. Had they found any, could it have been called “Mar-a-Lago Wowie“?

Grand Theft Bimbo

Also in Florida, a woman tried to extort $500.00 from a married man, after he allegedly left his smartphone unattended at a sports bar for a brief period. The she-wolf purportedly rummaged through it and copied down the number of his cellular device during the short time he was away.

Later in the evening, the victim vacated the premises with his buddies in Pembroke Pines, unbeknownst to anything peculiar having occurred until receiving a multitude of text messages from an unfamiliar number, once he got home.

The  woman reportedly demanded $300.00 at first, increasing the amount to $500.00 at the penultimate correspondence, to be paid to her or else the harlot would tell the man’s wife that he was cheating on her. The instigator claimed to have the spouse’s cellphone number, and a photograph of the scammer and him at the bar together.

After reporting this to the police on the following morning, the victim produced all the incriminating texts for investigators who then advised the man to make arrangements with his nemesis. At that point, the unscrupulous woman demanded he withdraw the cash from his bank, take a photo of himself while holding the money, and forward the picture to her.

Upon his meeting the demands, the not-so-smart perpetrator gave him an address at which to meet for finalizing the transaction. Bingo, she was arrested upon her receipt of the cash, then charged with grand theft and extortion.

As for the picture of them together, there was none.

I think she should be on the list of this year’s upcoming winners for a Darwin Award in the “Dumb Thievery” category.

Linda Blair, Beware!

Due to the increase in reported demonic possessions, the Catholic Church is looking to hire more exorcists. With more on this story, please watch the following clip.

And lastly, ending this newscast on a light note, I’ll leave you with this Internet sensation that went viral this week.

What an arm on that kid already!

Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support.

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