IDGAF: Generically Speaking

Melania Trump wore a Zara cargo coat the other day, on which the back of the garment had been inscribed with graffiti-style lettering, stating, “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?”  Photographers had captured her alleged fashion faux pas, which was plastered everywhere on the Net.

Media pundits, Social Media chroniclers and crybabies all formulated their own theories about her intentions for donning the outerwear from the White House to boarding a flight at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, taking the President’s wife to Texas.

Many felt it was in poor taste, or “tone deaf,” for her wearing such a descriptive article of clothing to a visit at Upbring New Hope Children’s Shelter in McAllen, a detention center for migrant children; although, she had changed into an unmarked, conservatively fashionable jacket on the plane before going to the center that contained 60 captured, undocumented immigrant children.

The number of those incarcerated who were separated from their parents at the US/Mexican border and sent there by the Trump Administration’s Zero Policy was not noted.

This week’s tirade is not meant to be a political statement.  There’s too much of that going on daily for my liking. Reading the comment section of any article on the Web that allows them, I find moronic statements made constantly by those who have nothing else in their intellect but to turn everything around and politicize the situation, regardless of whether the contents of  the story has anything to do with politics.

My Social Media timeline is filled with such nonsense as well, parroting whatever the poster’s political affiliation deems as talking points.

Also, I don’t wish to analyze Melania’s reasoning for her sartorial choices. I like the lady, regardless of how I feel about her husband. A President’s wife and young children should be off-limits. It’s not their fault, unless the chief executive’s spouse, or elder offspring blatantly put themselves in the position for criticism, many of whom have done so regularly.

A variety of memes have popped up, using the First Lady’s aforementioned overcoat as the brunt of the joke, or for a counterpoint to the original message employed. With that in mind, I would like to add my contribution to the shenanigans with the following bi-partisan, take-it-either-way, multipurpose meme that can be used for any occasion:


Generic Expressive Outerwear

The garment’s saying can denote two things: either I “Do”, or I “Don’t” give a rat’s ass, to put it in milder, safer-for-work terms; but you should get the gist of the original meaning.

To finish up this diatribe, I was wondering how most people would express their surprise if the the expression, “Oh, my God,” was banished from our vocabulary?

Case in point:

OK, so that was a young kid, expressing his astonishment. We’ll cut him some slack. How about this next one?

Alright, or all right—depending on which side of the formal English-writing fence you might be leaning against—so the preceding one was scripted. I tried to find a compilation video on YouTube that had just scenes of people saying only “OMG” candidly, but none were available except for those from porn clips.

It might be worthwhile putting one of the former, safe-for-work videos together some day; however, I’ll leave you with this next one:

In closing, if “Oh, my God” were to disappear from our vernacular, “Holy Shit” would be the phrase I would most likely use. Pardon my vulgarity.

Thanks for stopping in and for your continued support.

The following takes the cake for the most exemplary clip for an “Oh My God” video. I placed it here on March 4th, 2019.

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