Curses, Foiled Again!

“Procrastination: hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now,” expressed a meme I posted on Twitter for #WordlessWednesday. It garnered one like.

Perhaps my faithful followers were waiting until later to respond, but I deleted the post before they could. That’ll teach them to wait.


New Inspection Stickers for 2018

Speaking of which, the Cooper is finally state-inspected. Note on the photo to the left that the stickers expire next August.

The previous ones were valid until July 31st.

I pushed it off for another thirty-one days successfully,  getting the car safety-validated yesterday on the first of this new month.

Next year I’ll push it off until September 1st.

For the past three years, something set me back each time I took it in. The authorized facility stripped the oil pan’s plug when doing an oil change along with the vehicle inspection in 2015, causing the car to leave little puddles of oil underneath.

To get that remedied, a Mini service center had to replace the pan. I sent a copy of the bill to the derelicts who caused the problem in the first place. They ended up paying for it, except for the $50.00 pan gasket, saying they supply one with oil pans they sell, and refused to reimburse me for it.

The hassle of taking them to small-claims court for the remainder wouldn’t have been worth it.

Last year, I took the car back to them for just the inspection, during which they wouldn’t pass it for a ding in the windshield, even though they let it slide the prior two times. I had the Cooper’s annual inspection done there for several years in a row at that point.

Methinks they were trying to get back some of the cash they paid me for the oil pan, figuring I would let them replace the windshield. I took it again to the Mini dealer for replacement, and then to a different authorized inspection center altogether.

The mechanic at the new facility said he would have passed my vehicle if the ding was not in line-of-sight, which it wasn’t. The car passed ultimately with flying colors.

That windshield repair cost me quite a bit. Ended up getting a brake job done at the Mini service center as well.

This time around, I took the Cooper to the same new station as last year, dropping off the vehicle at 8 A.M., and picking it back up at 10:30. The car passed inspection without a hitch. Two weeks ago, new tires were put on by the Mini Dealer, just in case.

This morning, I stopped at WaWa to get a coffee and a doughnut. Attempting to place the 20-oz. cup in the car’s swinging, plastic-cup holder, I couldn’t because it had disappeared. “Now what?” I said, not having noticed it was missing yesterday.

Calling the inspection station, I asked the mechanic if he had my cup holder.

“I broke it accidentally while pushing the front seat forward,” he said. “I going to try and glue it back together.”

“When were you going to tell me that?”

“Sorry, I forgot. Call me tomorrow. I’ll let you know.”

“You think you can fix it?”

“I don’t know. If not, I’ll pick up another one for you.”

I found one on Amazon. It costs $79.00 plus S&H, not a cheap accessory.  We’ll see tomorrow what he has to say.

That just goes to show you. There’s always something.

For my latest Cover Your Ears, please allow me to introduce an unplugged acoustic version of an old standard love ballad most famously performed by Les Paul and Mary Ford, called “I Really Don’t Want to Know.”

I’m presently working on another duet with Rie Waits, which hopefully will make it here for my next tirade. Thanks for stopping by, and for your continued support.



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1 Response to Curses, Foiled Again!

  1. As a followup to the above entry: I stopped by the inspection station and the mechanic said he didn’t trust the glue, was afraid it wouldn’t hold, and was worried I’d have a huge coffee-spill. “I ordered a new one for you,” he said. “It should be here in a few days. Do you know how much that cup holder cost?”

    I told him about the one on Amazon for $79.00 and said I felt bad for him. “It is what it is,” he said. “It was my fault. Shit happens.” The mechanic told me he’d call when it came in.

    Secondly, Rie and I finished our duet, and it will be added at the next weekly entry. We got overwhelming response on Twitter after I posted it there…bwwwaaahahahaha!

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