Stroke Me


Watch out where the huskies go!

According to Twitter, my account has garnered 47,174 tweets since being established, which goes back to December 2011.

Having just passed my 5th anniversary last month on the illustrious Social Media platform, minus the 117 tweets made so far in January, that averages out to 25.85 tweets per day from over the years.

Think I need to get a life?

Seems I’ve been slacking off lately, as this month’s average—up to today—is just 4.3 tweets daily. I don’t post as often anymore. Seems like it’s a waste of time and energy.

Hardly anyone seems to care anyway, which makes me wonder: why is that?

Probably it has to do with my un-following those who never have responded to my tweets, yet bombarded my timeline with constant drivel of their own. I’d make comments and only received respective responses from them after having made the initial acknowledgment to their tweets, but, nonetheless, never hear from them unless I reach out first and stroke their ego.

Gets tiresome after a while. I’d like to get stroked once in a while too.

So now I follow only a handful of those I consider to be my Social Media friends, a few of which are pals in real life, and the rest of them who on occasion acknowledge my blather.

Then there are those whom I follow who never respond back to me, but they are whatever heroes I have left in life; which is, as Donald Trump would say in a tweet, “Sad.” I don’t follow him, incidentally.

That’s another thing that seems to get no response and a few un-follows from whatever followers I have left: political postings. Seems all tweeps want to see are rehashed memes and silly GIFs about how they wish to portray themselves. Most likely they are politically polar opposites or just don’t give a damn.

A large proportion of my followers seemed to be butt-hurt and un-followed me back right away, after realizing I wasn’t following them anymore. Goes to show me how much they really cared about their following my content to begin with. I’m not worried about losing some more after this tirade, as they probably never read any of my weekly entries anyway.

I don’t usually complain about this topic often, but it has been bothering me lately; and I needed something to rant about for this week’s diatribe. Maybe it’s because I don’t stroke others enough.

Flattery on Social Media seems to get someone a lot of response otherwise, but I can’t be a kiss ass. That was never my style and still isn’t.

It cracks me up to read responses to major celebrities’ tweets, like for Mick Jagger or Paul McCartney.  Mick had posted earlier about how we should be helping out the despondent people in Haiti. The first post in response was from some star-struck bimbo who said, “I love you.”

Paul had posted some fan art. The first response after that said, “I love you.”

Ringo had posted about quitting cigarettes in 1992. His first received comment said, “I love you.” It’s almost guaranteed.

Well, that wraps up another rave for another week. Thanks for putting up with my nonsense, and for your continued support.

About Mike Slickster

As an early retiree with an honorary doctorate degree from the proverbial "School of Hard Knocks," this upcoming author with a lot of free time on his hands utilizes his expansive repertoire for humorous yet tragic, wildly creative writing that contains years of imaginative fantasy, pure nonsense, classic slapstick, extreme happiness and searing heartbreak; gathered by a wealth of personal experiences throughout his thrilling—sometimes mundane or unusually horrid—free-spirited, rock-'n'-roller-coaster ride around our beloved Planet Earth. Mike Slickster's illustrious quest continues, living now in Act Three of his present incarnation, quite a bit on the cutting edge of profundity and philosophical merriment as seen through his colorful characters, most notably evident in the amusing Thirty Days Across the Big Pond series, all of which can be found at
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2 Responses to Stroke Me

  1. Ruth T says:

    I always enjoy reading your weekly email. As I posted once a while ago, I came across your posts because of Sarobia. I work right next door and sometimes walk over there. There’s sort of a presence there that I’m glad I could learn more about through your investigations. I am too lazy to investigate myself. I don’t use twitter much but I am more of an observer of others’ ideas than putting forth my own. It’s a personality trait I guess. Thank you for your efforts.

  2. Hi Ruth. Thanks for the kind comment. That presence is what started me on all my research. I always feel something there when I visit, and always discover something different each time. Haven’t been in a while. Have to take a trip out there. Maybe tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

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