Sarobia: Anyone for Venison?


Sign on Buck Alley at Sarobia

Bow-hunting season for deer starts in Pennsylvania on 17th September and runs straight through the end of January of next year.

Neshaminy State Park, where the sign in the photo on the left resides, was formerly known as Sarobia.

My fascinating story written on these pages about the mysterious enclave has been described in an article from the Bucks County Courier Times as being “exhaustively researched.” Thanks, I think.

The PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), the state park’s administrators and caretakers, also controls the annual hunt of all critters throughout the commonwealth.

The DCNR has designated a large portion of the old Logan estate for thinning out the herd.

That’s a long season for me to stay out of the greater portion of Sarobia during my regular jaunts. Maybe I should pick up an orange vest and hat for this year. With my luck, I’d still get shot accidentally.

The no-hunting zone at the state park consists mostly of paved and oft-beaten paths, chasing whatever wildlife away to the posted areas. As an avid wildlife photographer, I tend to stay out of the human-populated parts of the park.

Deer live in the back acres of the former sanctuary for all creatures large and small, and they’re spotted all the time. One has to be quiet and quick to get a clean photo. The following are a few lucky shots from the last time I ventured out there:

Robert Logan bequeathed his estate to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the ensuing stipulations as quoted in his will:

I give, devise and bequeath my real estate in Eddington, Pennsylvania, known as ‘Sarobia,’ and containing with the accretion about 150 acres, together with my farm equipment, my Ford ‘pickup’ and all the contents of the buildings thereon not herein otherwise disposed of, to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the purpose of a public park or museum or any educational or recreational purposes compatible therewith and so far as possible as a sanctuary for wild life, especially birds. It is my desire, but I do not require, that the residence shall be preserved.

It seems to me the above section that reads, “Sanctuary for wild life, especially birds,” is being violated by the present-day practice of deer hunting, but that’s a matter of lengthy discussions about deer-population control to prevent starvation, disease, etc.

I just find that ironic, considering Logan’s philosophy of doing no animal any harm.

Labor Day Weekend is coming up in a couple of days, bringing with it usually cooler weather. The torrid temperatures of this past summer have subsided; although, coming up at the end of next week, another heat wave is predicted to hit the Philly region. It’s the summer that won’t quit!


Osprey chick in flight.

My beloved ospreys have begun their end-of-season exodus out of the area earlier, it seems, than last year.

The birds head down to South America for the winter.

Hopefully their rushed departure isn’t an omen of forthcoming frigid weather.

Considering the brutal heat sustained these past couple of months, with a little less than one more month to go of summer, a bone-chilling winter wouldn’t be a surprise to me one bit.

This year certainly has provided periods of extremes thus far. Why shouldn’t the rest of 2016 be any different?

By the way, my latest “Cover Your Ears” is a rock-“n”-roll anthem, for my generation anyway. Just consider my attempts at music as that of your neighbor’s kids and their garage band. Please be kind. Thanks for your continued support.


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