The Heat is On!

The cool, refreshing view of the Atlantic Ocean from Pemaquid Point, Maine

The cool, refreshing view of the Atlantic Ocean from Pemaquid Point, Maine

The heat wave is on still in Philly, but will be cooling down somewhat during overnights in the near, foreseeable future, thank goodness. The thermometer is supposed to reach below the daytime, 90-degree threshold Fahrenheit, or 32 Celsius, on Thursday.

The trip to Maine for escaping this blasted hellfire was a godsend with comfortable temperatures throughout, low humidity and beautiful weather. During the last few mornings of my stay in The Pine Tree State, a hoodie was necessary to keep warm. Although it’s nice to be home, my timing was off and I should have remained a few more days up north.

The countryside was ravishing with her rolling hills, lush meadows, frequent forests, curvy roads, finger-like rivers, coves, lakes, bays, multitudes of little islands offshore, wildlife, poison ivy, and great seafood. A rocking alternative-radio station out of Portland provided the tunes during the little excursions about, filled with photo opportunities that can be viewed here and there.

Don’t you just love looking at all of someone’s vacation pictures from Wally World, which they just happen to have the slew of them handy for your instantaneous perusal? I’m guilty of plastering pics on social media, like so many of us narcissistic, egocentric travelers and photographers; but ask me if I care. At least my selfies are kept to an extremely bare minimum, so let me get it over with now:

Me on a Hot Summer Night

Me on a Hot Summer Night

The Web site on which I book my travels asked me to write a review about the motel where they arranged for me to tarry. Giving me the well-loved opportunity to rant and rave, here’s what I wrote:

    This small motel provided a place for me to hang my hat while visiting this magnificent, northern coastal region of Maine; but that’s pretty much all. The television’s flat-screen was smaller than my computer’s monitor. That wasn’t really important to me as I don’t watch TV that much anyhow. The room was accommodating, clean, bright and airy, much to my liking. No coffee maker or other, typical amenities beside a clock radio (radio didn’t work) were available. Gideon’s Bible was there though.

    The bathroom was acceptable, providing shampoo, soap, conditioner and lotion. No phone to the front desk or to the outside world was found. My cell phone lacked a signal there, so I was out of luck. Their free WiFi made me think I was connected via dial-up while using a 14K baud modem, if I could connect at all. The girl in the office said it’s because of the leaves in the trees around the building. I offered to prune them, and asked for a machete. She laughed and said I needed a permit from the village to do that. Internet withdrawal is an awful affliction, let me tell ya.

    Overall, I was satisfied with my room. For those who want to leave their computers home and who aren’t addicted to their smartphone that might be continually searching for service while there; and for somebody who is looking for a really no-frills type of auberge at a very reasonable price, I would recommend the Plain Jane Motel (not its real name).

    The property is nice and spacious. Bring bug repellant for partying outside at night (mosquitoes). The price is what was most appealing ($85/night). The back-door terrace was nice. The accessibility to the region made my booking there entirely worth it. Here’s a misfired shot of the front door to my room:

    misfired shot of the front door to my room from the outside

    The Plain Jane Motel

Asked if there was anything the motel could do to improve their accommodations, I added, “Better Wifi is a must, put a phone in the room, and replace the clock radio. Get a bigger TV screen too, but don’t lose the overall quaintness.”

The travel Web site didn’t publish my review yet. Think it was too long? Thanks for stopping by and for your continual support.


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5 Responses to The Heat is On!

  1. Shirley Ann says:

    It has become almost an essential nowadays to have access to wifi when away so can imagine your frustration . Gone are the days of sending postcards and then being home days even week’s before the recipients get them. It’s great to be able to share some great sights with others who are interested in an instance . You’ve had some lovely scenery by the looks of your pictures. I love the sunshine but can’t stand it too hot so don’t envy you your heatwave in Philly at present . So where next and when ? One advantage of our rainy summer is it saves watering the gardens so often – every cloud and all that – the downside is the rate the grass and trees grow and the job of keeping on top of it all . Never mind – soon be Christmas 😃

  2. Very well said. Next trip? Haven’t decided. Perhaps somewhere down south if the winter gets too cold. Incidentally, the travel Web site sent me an e-mail this afternoon, stating they posted my review. It can be seen here:

  3. Shirley Ann says:

    Sounds a fair and balanced review . Let’s hope they take the constructive criticism on the chin and get a move on improving their guests facilities – makes good business sense .

  4. I doubt I’ll ever find out, if there is a next time; but who knows? I’m a glutton for punishment sometimes.

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