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Today’s Tirade: Last One for 2013

If I had one piece of advice to share amongst everyone, I would say, “Use dental floss, for it will save your teeth.”  Plus, resolving to use this oral-hygiene accoutrement regularly in 2014 makes a handy-dandy, quick-and-inexpensive resolution with which … Continue reading

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The Start of a Crappy Day

Before getting ready for my Christmas hullabaloo and scrumptious home-cooked meal later in the day, I nursed a pounding hangover from the night before, having partaken in joyous festivities with mass quantities of jubilant revelry and demon alcohol. Don’t panic, … Continue reading

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Season’s Greeting

Best wishes to you for a season filled with joy, merriment, much wealth, good health, and an outstanding, rewarding, upcoming new year.

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Earliest Recollections

What’s your first—or oldest—personal recollection?  Many individuals can’t remember past yesterday.  Some people have short-term-memory loss, yet others are inflicted with the totally unfathomable, neurological disorders to which the elderly are unfortunately prone  to getting, stripping them of any memories … Continue reading

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Fish Oil

So I’m sitting on the throne, taking care of my morning constitutional while reading an article about how September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, in which it warns against popping omega-3 fish-oil globules regularly in large doses, or eating … Continue reading

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My New Home

I’ve moved out of, a blog maintained over the years that began at the turn of the 21st century. Man that makes me feel old. However, WordPress has features Live Journal doesn’t, like making my new blog available to … Continue reading

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Today’s Tirade: Do you want some cheese with your whine?

What happened? Where did everyone go? Was it something I said, conveyed while being improperly misconstrued? Having a tendency of sticking me foot in my mouth on occasion, speaking, tweeting or Face-booking impulsively, leads me to thanking my lucky stars … Continue reading

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