Happy Festivus

Iceni Queen Boadicea

Iceni Queen Boadicea

According to Cassius Dio, Queen Boadicea of the British Iceni, leader of a Celtic tribe who spearheaded a bloody insurgency against the occupying army of Rome—in the latter part of the 1st century CE—considered the Romans as being:

    insolent, unjust, insatiable and impious men who bathed in warm water, ate artificial dainties, drank unmixed wine, anointed themselves with myrrh, slept on soft couches with boys for bedfellows, who, I might add, were past their prime; and all of whom were slaves to a lyre player [Nero], a poor one at that.

As the result of the warrior queen’s impassioned embitterment and her final battle with Rome, 80,000 Britons were killed, compared to 400 Roman solders dead, plus an additional 400 legionaries wounded.

Boadicea, who had led her militia onto the killing field in a blazing chariot’s charging behind galloping steeds, met her fatal demise allegedly by drinking poison, joining her barbarian warriors forever henceforth in the afterworld.


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3 Responses to Happy Festivus

  1. Man, what a drag they blocked that video. I hate that!

  2. shirleyann21 says:

    That Bodecia was a bit of a one by the sound of it – living life in the fast lane ( bet those chariots could do all of 20miles an hour ) and as for those odd fellows she hung round with the mind boggles. I heard she poisoned herself by eating a dodgy Big Mac and her ghost can be seen haunting MCDonalds in the manifestation of a clown called Ronald . Then again my sources are the Daily Mail and you can’t believe everything they write

  3. Bet faster than that, especially downhill. I’d say 30 mph at least. Lmao about manifesting into Ronald McDonald. :p

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